Order of the Precious Blood

The Reparationists

Built on the Blood of the Lamb

Discerning the Consecrated Life



A period of discernment lasting a minimum of six months.


Candidates are assigned a spiritual director and begin their studies remotely.


Three possible levels of observance are to be considered by the candidate:


Common Observance: Friars maintain regular marital and occupational status.


Strict Observance: Friars profess a vow of celibacy and agree to offer themselves for work in the Order.


Monastic: A monastic lives in a monastery or other cloistered community headed by an abbot.


Members of the Confraternity in good standing are encouraged to apply.


*Accomodations are made on a case-by-case basis as charity allows.



The candidate chooses a level of observance and dons the Habit of the Order.


Novices are highly encouraged to attend all synods and festial gatherings.


Studies continue, as does spiritual direction. Individuals are assesed for their individual skills and competencies.


The novitiate lasts a minimum of one year.



Profession of Temporary Vows


Novices who have petitioned their local Provincial and who have been accepted may make a profession of temporary vows.


Temporary vows last an indefinite period of time as per the discretion of the candidate and the Provincial.


Profession of Life Vows


Candidates who have petitioned the National Council and who have been accepted may take Life Vows.


The National Council is a body of members resident in a particular country who oversee appointments and petitions for Life Vows. 






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