Order of the Precious Blood

The Reparationists


All formal membership in the Order begins with joining its confraternity. The confraternity consists of men and women of all states in life, be they single, married, celibate, lay, or clergy. Members of the confraternity make non-binding commitments to increase their prayers and to engage in spiritual acts of reparation for the sins of the world. Members are encouraged to wear the scapular of the Precious Blood as well as to recite its chaplet.


The Order is autonomous and ecumenical. If you are a sincere Christian of any denomination, be encouraged to submit a membership inquiry today. Membership in the Order does not confer membership in any denomination, and members are expected to continue attending their denominational church. Your membership is private and internal to the OPB; it will not be disclosed to any church without your consent. 


Confraternity Commitments


Option One: For Catholics of any Denomination


  • Daily recitation of the Dominican Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • Daily recitation of the Chaplet of Reparation.

  • Mental prayer and meditation for at least ten minutes daily.

  • Donning the Order's Scapular of the Precious Blood underneath one's garmets.

  • Daily acts of spiritual reparation, especially to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, if possible.  

  • Frequent recitation of Saint Faustina's Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

  • Maintenance of the First Friday Devotion.

  • Frequent Eucharistic Adoration.


Option Two: For Protestants of any Denomination


  • An increase in daily prayer, fasting, and scriptural study.
  • Christian meditation for at least ten minutes daily.
  • Daily acts of spiritual reparation to the Father in reparation for the sins of the world.




    Membership Inquiries

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