Order of the Precious Blood

The Reparationists



The OPB is a traditional, conservative, orthodox, and ecumenical organization. While it accepts members from various denominations, it does not officially support or condone every denomination. 


Because of the OPB's affiliation with historic Orthodox denominations, it is necessary to provide a disclaimer:


The OPB affirms that Christian marriage is only between a man and a woman. 

The OPB affirms that the offices of the diaconate ,priesthood, and the episcopacy are reserved to men. 

The OPB preserves the continuous tradition of the Catholic churches of  the last two millenia. 


Nevertheless, individuals who have struggled with same sex attraction but have demonstrated a sincere desire to join the Order (and are preferably celibate), may be granted a case-by-case dispensation, and are not barred from submitting an inquiry. 


Women who have been 'ordained' in other denominations are encoruaged to apply for confraternity membership and religious life, provided they understand their 'ordination' is not valid within the OPB. 


Women seeking ministry are empowered to become deaconesses. The female diaconate is a historic Orthodox practice of the Catholic Church. Read more here.


The OPB reserves the right to network even with liberal and modern jurisdictions without compromising its principles, as a means of  (1) promulgating and propagating the true faith without hesitation, and (II) helping support traditional individuals who are often trapped within these  largely modern and liberal organizations.