Order of the Precious Blood

The Reparationists



As an autonomous, traditional, and ecumenical order, the Order of the Precious Blood makes agreements with other organizations for mutual benefit. Ecumenical agreements do not in any way impart jurisdictional authority or patnership. Individuals within ecumenical partner organizations have first priority in admissions to the confraternity and to the religious life. Affiliations merely indicate a mutual recognition which consists of an open willingness to share members. Ecumenical partners agree to allow their members to join the Order of the Precious Blood without hindrance.


Ecumenical agreements are not doctrinal agreements to safeguard traditional teaching. Some ecumenical partners may not be fully traditonal . The Order of the Precious Blood alone  is individually responsible for safeguarding Christian Orthodoxy for its members and for its organization.



The Order of the Precious Blood, while ecumenical, is a traditional, conservative, Catholic organization. We affirm the three Ancient Creeds (Nicene, Apostles, Athanasian), the First Seven Ecumenical Councils, and the unbroken Catholic devotional and liturgical Tradition of the last two millennia. We do not innovate or advocate for social change. We affirm a primacy of conscience on all social issues, nevertheless, as a religious order, we do not offer marriages or ordinations. This is to safeguard the Order from modern innovations and social controversies.


Members of christian denomination outside of Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions may or may not agree to the statement on orthodoxy, but they are encouraged to consider it, and their membership in the Order is not affected. The leadership of the OPB is always in agreement, however, with the statement on orthodoxy. 




The Orthodox Patriarchate of Nations is a Western and Eastern Rite jurisdiction headed by Patriarch Nicholas of France. While conservative, traditional and Orthodox, the Patriarchate allows married men to become deacons, priests, and bishops, as was the tradition of the Church for the first millenium. 


The Patriarchate boasts an international presence in many countries. It has an excellent reputation and is unashamed of its unique position in global Orthodoxy. 


The Mutual Witness of Orthodoxy and Catholicity affirms the OPB leadership's commitment to the three creeds, the seven oecumenical councils, along with the unbroken western and eastern devotions and traditions of the last two milllenia. 


The Article of Affiliation admits members in good standing from the Patriarchate with no hesitation and confirms their dual standing. Members of the OPB in good standing wishing to affiliate with the Patriarchate are also encouraged without hesitation. 


The Society of Jesus Christ Orthodox Church is a member church of the Patriarchate headed by Archbishop Nicholas Marius Sidau of Detroit. 


This affiliation grants the OPB full privileges to practice the Eastern Rite, including the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, when Eastern Rite clergy are present at synods and convocations. 


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