Order of the Precious Blood

The Reparationists

"And can it Be that I Should Gain, an Interest in the Savior's Blood?" -Charles Wesley



The Order of the Precious Blood is an autonomous traditional Catholic Ecumenical order of confraternity members, friars, and monastics dedicated to promulgating a global devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. The Order draws heavily from the three Catholic traditions of Anglicanism, Roman Catholicism, and Orthodoxy while remaining its own entity. 


Founded in 2023 in the United States and inspired by the New Monastic Movement, the Order of the Precious Blood seeks to bring the majesty of the Consecrated Life to Christians of various denominations and of all states in life, be they single, married, or celibate. The Order is unique in its encouragement for married persons to take vows and to wear the habit of the Order, and for allowing sincere Christians of any denomination to join the Order. 


The Order is inspired by the Ven. Mother Catherine Aurelia, founder of the Roman Catholic Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood in North America. We follow her Rule as described in her foundational document, The Sitio, which translates to 'I thirst'.




The Order is dedicated to Spiritual Reparation. As the world rapidly approaches the Last Days, its spiritual condition declines and its institutions collapse. Sins multiply beyond concievable number, and a majority of the world's inhabitants descend into spiritual darkness.


The Order believes in the traditional Catholic doctrine of intercessory prayer. Christians on Earth may interceed for others and may offer Reparation for their sins. Even the smallest acts of Reparation are pleasing to the Father. Reparation helps to lessen the temporal punishment for the sins of mankind.


Christ himself proclaimed that the Saints of the Latter Days would perform greater works than He, and thus, members of the Order are called to lives of extraordinary Virtue, Discipline, and Sacrifice.




The Order offers a full course of spiritual development for all of its members whatever their state or current progress may be. In consonance with Catholic teaching, the Order gives instruction in Mental Prayer. Mental Prayer is a non-vocal, non-petitionary form of praying which leads to contemplation. In particular, the ancient Jesus Prayer is a mainstay of meditative practice.


The goal of Christian life is Divinization, or the process by which Man becomes Unified with God. He does not lose his humanity, nor does God lose his divinity, rather, as Athanasius has said, "God became Man so that Man might become God".